Carbide-tipped circular sawblades are cutting tools with durable carbide teeth, ideal for precise and efficient cutting of various materials. Saw-doctoring consumables support the maintenance and sharpening of sawblades for optimal performance.


Laser cut specialty sawblades providing quieter, smoother, and more stable precision cutting. A wide range of blades of outstanding ability and quality for highly demanding industrial and domestic applications.


Precision Quality TCT Circular Saw


DIY TCT Circular Saws

Precision & Innovation in Skarpaz TCT Circular Sawblades

LBSB uses the latest and most sophisticated technology in the production of its Skarpaz TCT circular sawblades and specialty sawblades.

Quality and craftsmanship is built into a Skarpaz blade product. From ripping and cross cut to parquet and plastic cutting sawblades. A Skarpaz sawblade application is a high quality precision tool. It serves for great results.

With the aid of CAD-CAM technology, accuracy is achieved beyond the conventional required specifications. With the ease and flexibility of programming our laser cutting machines, manufacture of custom designed blades are now our strength and core of our circular saw manufacturing business.

Virtually any blade can be customized. With the addition of our saw making experience customers are always impressed with the result of our product.

The special relationship with Skarpaz Tooling Systems Inc. is extended to training LBSB personnel and equipping them with the proper skills to ensure they understand the customer’s business and to offer valuable assistance in helping to select tools that meet with customers’ expectations.